Who is covering your event?

P-O-L-O - Pro Photographer

Polo is a Professional Photographer living in Melbourne since 2009.
His career started at university, where he distinguished himself in documentary and capturing candids during events.
On the side, he developed personal projects exploring artistic representations of everyday life and events.
He has had a couple of solo exhibitions, and his photographs have been acquired by collectors in Mexico, USA, France and Australia.



Marketing Foundations

I graduated on Marketing and Business Administration and founded a growing marketing studio, which I sold to come to Australia in 2009.
Photography was very often a service I did for my clients' branding and advertising campaigns.
Probably that's why every time I'm taking a picture, I make it envisioning it as part of an advertisement.


An image is worth…

However, not every image tells the same story. Many times a story is told by the way the images fit together among each other.
I approach each event as a narrative that wants to be shared with a consistent tone.
That's why I'm also in charge of the curation and post-production. The true feeling of the event can be portrayed with the choice of a colour grading, framing, vignettes, etc.

Goal Oriented

It's all about you

Even though event photography could be considered as documentary, I think that it needs to be approached as an artistic endeavour to fulfil your end goals:
You want these images to prove that you organised a great event, people enjoyed it and everyone was engaged.
You will be using the pictures to keep sponsors happy, so they want to support you again next time.
You want stakeholders to be proud of the event and attendants to want to come back so the next one will be sold out.


Expect the best

It doesn't matter how good the pictures are if they are not part of a very well planned and organised workflow.
That's why someone can be called a "Pro": Operating in a consistent matter so my clients know in advance that their expectations will be meet in terms of quality, time, cost and pain-free.